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YouTube enters the Living Room - Move May Backfire for Apple

Watch Youtube in your Living Room

Apple wants you to watch live internet videos from Youtube on your large television screens through Apple TV. They will soon provide a free software update to make your Apple TV compatible with YouTube.

Users can browse video categories, search and play any video from while relaxing on the living room sofa.  YouTube members can also log-in to their YouTube accounts on Apple TV to view and save their favorite videos.

Are you excited with the idea of Apple offering internet video outside the computer ?

Apple TV requires high-definition widescreen TV while most YouTube videos have a 320x240 pixel resolution. Will you enjoy watching pixelated video content and listening to sub-standard audio on you expensive television set ?

Second, YouTube invites users to upload "user generated" content but like any other video sharing website, a large portion of videos popular on YouTube are copyrighted content that have been ripped from movie DVDs or recorded from TV shows.

Now Apple sells music, TV shows and movies through their iTunes store but if the same content is available to users for free via YouTube-AppleTV, some customers may reduce spending on the iTunes store.

And it will not be long before someone discovers a hack to save music and videos directly from Youtube onto the large 160 GB hard drive of Apple TV.