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Yahoo! Mail Removes Limit on Mailbox Storage Space

Yahoo Unlimited Storage Space
Yahoo! Mail is doing everything right to retain existing users and attract new ones.

First they completely redesigned the Yahoo! Mail interface to make it look fresh and appealing. Next is the offer queue is unlimited storage space.

John Kremer of Yahoo! Mail has just announced that Yahoo! Mail, starting today, is gradually upgrading the email accounts of all users with infinite storage space.
When it hits your account, you’ll notice the storage meter has disappeared - meaning, you just don’t have to worry about deleting old messages ever again!
Here's a quick comparison of the mailbox sizes offered by various web based email services.

GMail (Google Mail) - 2.5 GB (growing)

Windows Live Hotmail - 2 GB

Yahoo Mail! - 1 GB

Lycos Mail - 3 GB

Rediffmail - Unlimited {popular in India}

The only issue is with the email attachment sizes - Except Lycos which allows email attachments of unlimited size, all other services impose a size restriction which varies anywhere between 10 MB and 16 MB (for AOL).

Therefore, in order to backup those 100 meg video in your Yahoo! Mail account, you will have to split the file into separate emails.