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Windows Live Writer 2.0 Solves "Temporary Post Used For Style Detection"

Windows Live Writer, the uber-useful WYSIWYG blog editing software, has one small problem - it adds noise to the blogosphere with junk posts that read something like this:
Temporary Post Used For Style Detection.

This is a temporary post that was not deleted. Please delete this manually.
When you configure your blog with Windows Live Writer 1.0, the software will automatically add a new post to your blog without any warning or notification and the whole world will know that another blogger has switched to WLW.

Windows Live Writer 2
Blog posts that contain Temporary Post Used For Style Detection per day for the last 6 months. [Source: Technorati]

This temporary post is created by Windows Live Writer to detect the CSS styles defined in the blog template. Though Live Writer attempts to delete the temporary blog post, Google's cache has more than 23k stories while Technorati has indexed ~7k "temporary posts" that failed deletion.

The good news is that Windows Live Writer 2.0 is round the corner and will completely eliminate the "temporary post" problem. If you want a sneak preview, check out InsideMicrosoft where they have an exclusive screenshot collection of Windows Live Writer 2.0.

The new Windows Writer 2.0 interface sports an aqua look like the Windows Mail Desktop software. Other promising features include roundtrip post editing and easier linking to web images.