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Where to Download Movies, Music or TV Shows ?

Are you still hunting for websites where you can download episodes of television shows and full length movies ? Your search should end here.

Just grab the latest issue of Forbes magazine - it carries a comprehensive list of websites which offer copyrighted movies and music online (in the pretext of user generated content) for free.

Alluc - Download Movies TV Shows
Forbes writer Andy Greenberg has done some good analysis on why Youtube like sites that offer illegal content (or link to such content) continue to thrive and why it's getting increasingly tough for lawmakers to track them down.

But this Forbes story, especially the slideshow, may be worth a bookmark for wannabe movie and music pirates. The article mentions several video websites that, unlike YouTube, aren't a household name yet.

For instance, sites like,,, and make the discovery process simple. They link to television shows, music videoos and movies most of which are hosted on YouTube, DailyMotion and Veoh.

Another popular site 1Dawg allows visitors to download videos and even send them directly to cellphones. and offer files the size of a feature-length DVD-quality movies.

The problem, Andy says, is that when lawyers manage to shut down one copyright-breaking link site, viewers can quickly flock to the next best.

And in some cases the owners say they're not breaking any copyright laws, since they merely link to content instead of hosting it on their own site.