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Wallpaper Roller to Decorate Your Home With Flickr Pictures

Some may confuse Wallpeppr with another cool Web 2.0 app that turns Flickr images into attractive desktop wallpapers. But it's something very different.

Wallpeppr is a special Wallpaper roller that hooks to your computer via a cable and lets you paint Flickr images on the physical walls of your room.

Flickr Pictures Room Walls
The Wallpeppr software connects to the Flickr website and transfers your favorite picture to the roller which prints it on the wall with ink as you roll over.

Sorry, you cannot buy this "Flickr roller" yet. [The guy in the picture is actually painting the wall with a Flickr picture, not removing or covering the wallpaper with paint roller]

Wallpeppr [Designer: Carlo Jorges] Thanks Ed

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