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Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet for Windows Vista

Wacom Tablet PenWacom today introduced a new pen tablet for Windows Vista and Office 2007 that is designed as an ergonomic replacement of your mouse and also brings Tablet PC specific features of Vista like Handwriting recognition, gesture control and Pen flicks to your desktop or notebook computer.

Like your school pencil, Bamboo tablet pens have an eraser at the opposite end to quickly delete text or erase sketches. It comes with an A6 sized tablet that also has an inbuilt touch ring to simulate the zoom and scrolling wheel of the mouse.

While the high-end Intuos or Graphire Pen tablets are meant for digital artists and tech enthusiasts, Wacom is targeting the mass market with Bamboo Pen tablet - users who have migrated from XP to Vista and need to utilize the Pen related features in Vista without investing in a Tablet PC.

Wacom Bamboo Vista Pen
If you have never heard of Pen Tablets like Intuos or Graphire, think of them as a pen shaped cordless mouse that requires no battery and can perform all the functions of a normal Tablet PC pen more naturally (including freehand writing)

You can play InkBall, take notes in Microsoft OneNote in your own handwriting, mark-up documents with digital ink in Office 2007, or paint inside Corel Painter and Photoshop. It feels as if you are writing or drawing with a real pen on a piece of actual paper.

Don't miss the Tablet PC fun on your desktop again.

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