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Video Blog Software CockPit To Challenge VlogIt, Adobe Visual Communicator

Adobe Visual Communicator 3VlogIt and Visual Communicator software from Serious Magic Adobe are popular choices for creating video podcasts (or vlogs) and other on-demand video presentations.

Unlike complex video editors like Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas Studio, Visual Communicator and VlogIt do not require editing - they have an onscreen teleprompter, green-screening, scrolling titles and more inside a non-geeky interface for producing and sharing professional quality video quickly.

Adobe's current dominance in the vidcasting software market may soon take a hit as a Netherlands based company is developing a similar video blogging software called "The Cockpit" that will be free to download - they say it's a complete editorial environment for consumers who want to produce high-quality video.

The Cockpit Video PodcastingCockpit will have a full screen teleprompter and absolutely no recording time limit for vodcasts. When you’re in the recording process Cockpit’s interface changes into a full screen mode displaying just the teleprompter.

Like VlogIt, CockPit also supports background images, transition effects, overlays and will let you publish video blogs or newscasts easily .

There are no details about how Cockpit plans to monetize the vidcasting software but it could be from partnerships with video sharing websites or even a pro version.

The CockPit | Adobe VlogIt | Video Podcasting Software

It could be an interesting development for budding citizen journalists and podcasters who have the content but not the budget for producing good looking vodcasts. Cockpit will be available in "Summer 2007?" while Adobe Visual Communicator 3 is expected this monthh.