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Turn the WebCam into a Digital Still Camera, Add Picture Effects

WebCam or a Digital Camera
Cameroid is an interesting online service that lets you capture photographs online using any webcam and your web browser - no software to download or install.

Just plug-in your webcam to the computer and open in your web browser. Allow the Flash player to access the webcam and you are ready to take pictures.

Every picture that you capture using Cameroid has a permanent URL that you can link or embed in other sites like Bebo, MySpace or your blog. Cameroid can also create avatars in perfect sizes for your IM profiles. [related: Create a Perfect Avatar]

The most interesting feature of Cameroid are the hilarios webcam effects - you can see yourself live in funny situations that range from morphing your face with a Mona Lisa painting to applying numerous picture effects as shown in the screen capture above.

You should also watch Molly's screencast explaining the various features of Cameroid.

Cameroid is from the same company that created the popular online video editing service called VideoEgg.