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Turn Pictures into Interactive Puzzles and Flash Games

Pictogame is an online tool that will make you a Flash game designer with no effort - it converts yous favorite digital photographs into some nice Flash games that you can embed in your blog or share with friends over email.

Creating a game is easy - upload an image, zoom it (optional) and select the puzzle type from the various options.

That's it. You can also resize the Flash game to fit that in your site layout.

Here's a sample puzzle that requires you to arrange the pieces in the right order. Solve it as fast as you can and notice the time in the right corner.

Since the game is based in Flash, you can use it on any site including MySpace, Friendster and Blogger. Time to entertain everyone.

Create PictoGame | Bruno Carsenti

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[The beautiful ladies in the Flash puzzle are the better halves of my college friends shot while they were on a vacation in Las Vegas]