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Track Your Favorite Topics and Blogs with Particls Desktop Alerts - It's Good

Particls is a new desktop alert software to help you keep track of news, blogs and other RSS feeds right from the comfort of your desktop - Particls does it in style.

Getting started is simple - just specific a list of keywords or topics that you would like to track and you are ready to go. If you want more control, there's an option to specify stop-words that will block items containing specific words.

Like the new email notification box in Google Talk or Microsoft Outlook, Particls will show an unobtrusive system-tray alert in the right corner of the desktop when there's a news item or blog post related to your favorite subjects.

The alert window fades away after few seconds. The unique feature here is that Particls will also display blog images in the alerts, not just the text excerpts. The alert window is automatically resized depending on the dimensions of the image.

You can drag alerts on to your desktop and they stay there like post-it notes. The are known as Pebbles in Particls jargon.

Particls will try to learn from your reading habits - if you like a particular news item, you can instruct Particls to show more news from that source or even vice versa.

Particls Desktop Alerts are also available in the form of a scrolling news ticker that can be docked anywhere on the desktop screen. Hover the mouse over any news item in the ticker, the ticker stops scrolling and you can read more details or save that to your desktop as a sticky note.

And you can have both the ticker and system alerts running at the same time. They suggest that general information might be displayed on a news ticker while important or urgent stuff might appear on a popup alert.

Overall, the software is impressive and not very heavy on system resources. If you like to stay ahead of the curve, Particls software is a good tool for your desktop.

It may not be a replacement for your RSS reader but Particls can certainly help you reduce some of your email overload especially those "as-it-happens" news alerts from Google that pop-up in your inbox every now and then.

Particls opens for public on Monday but if are willing to try it now, leave a comment and I'll pass on the download details. Windows only but a Mac version is coming. | Screencast Demo of Particls | Thanks M