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Technorati Blog Search Engine Moves to

The gist is that Technorati is not a blog search engine anymore.

Technorati website sports a new refreshing look today. There's a new a scrolling ticker at the top that displays the current hot tags and search on Technorati.

Technorati Design
Other than the new design (which reminds me of the Indian Flag), Technorati has repositioned themselves as a media search engine that helps you search through pictures, videos and music in addition to blog posts.

If you are looking to search for only blog posts on technorati, bookmark their new site at Dave has more details on the changes at

They have added a Widget Library which is actually a directory of all browser plugins / bookmarklets and widgets related to Technorati. The layout looks much cleaner and not confusing as before.

Technorati Blogs
Going forward, it may not be fair to compare Google Blog Search with Technorati. Blog search is now just a subset of what Technorati has to offer.

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