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Share Pictures, Documents, Music on the Web Without Uploading Them Anywhere

You use Flickr for uploading photographs, Scribd for sharing Office documents, YouTube for video files and Rapidshare or Divshare for uploading Music MP3s and other file formats including .zip and .exe.

Now that's not a bad approach but care to try something very different that would save you from the hassle of uploading stuff on the web ?

Enter Purplenova, a 3MB software that turns your computer into a virtual website.

Host files and documents on your computer
Every file or folder that you share from your computer gets a public URL. Your friends can simply type that URL in their web browser and access the file no matter how large the size is - it will be streamed directly from your computer to his/her machine.

Purplenova is like turning your computer into a web server (with an internet address) sans any complex setup. Just run the utility, choose the local files or folders that you like to share over the web and Purplenove will give you a URL for each of them that you can paste in your email or blog.

There are some interesting application of Purplenova - you can access files located on your home computer from office or vice versa. You can also listen to streaming music on another computer from your Windows Media player.

They are integrated with Google Analytics to provides you with stats about file usage. Think of Purplenova as extremely simple web hosting from your desktop with absolutely no limits on storage space or bandwidth constraints. | Download Purplenove 3.0 | FAQ

Unlike screen sharing software like Yuuguu or SharedView, Purplenova does not give other remote access to your computer, it delivers files only through the web browser.