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Restore Your Disabled Adsense Account for $99.95 ?

This morning, there was an email from Adsense Club that said - "Your adsense account can be restored"
Even after being kicked out from Google Adsense, you can have a new account in your name. Just visit
You are required to pay $99.95 per year (Paypal accepted) to join this "apex club for Adsense Publishers".

Google Adsense Account Banned
The benefits - if your Adsense account has been disabled or banned by Google, AdsenseClub will arrange a new Adsense account for you with 99% success rate plus some free Adwords coupons.

Like the Adsense toolbars on eBay, AdsenseClub may well be one the biggest Adsense scams around. And considering that hundreds and thousands of publishers have their Adsense account disabled, some ex-Adsense publishers may fall in the trap.

Don't click on your own Google ads. Don't ask others to click on your Google ads. And be responsive to emails sent by the AdSense team. That's the Google mantra for keeping your Adsense account safe.

Read about some Adsense Alternatives when Google refuses to reinstate your disabled Adsense account.

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