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Recognize Websites in Google Search Results Quickly

Amanda Congdon PictureHow do you search for something on Google ?

Type the keyword, quickly glance at the website URLs of top 10 search results (they're in green color) and then visit the sites which you think are legitimate and not spam.

Here's a better alternative to help you visualize Google search results faster - add corresponding website favicons (those 16x16 pixel images that you normally see in the address bar) next to every search result.

For our example, we googled for ABC News anchor and ex-Rocketboom host - Amanda Congdon - and here's the snapshot from Google search.

Notice that each result has a favicon and if you are an avid surfer, you can easily figure out the destination website without looking at the green URL.

Amanda Congdon Search on Google
The results are from Wikipedia, ABC News, Blogspot, Rocketboom, Technorati and Forbes in the same order. Most of us can guess the destination from the site icon itself.

To automatically add these favicons to Google search results, just grab either the CustomizeGoogle or Google Icon extension from the Mozilla add-ons website.