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Do Presentations, Training Sessions Without a Projector

Don't have the resources to buy (or hire) an expensive LCD or DLP video projector for the conference hall or your classroom ?

No problem, you can deliver impressive PowerPoint Presentations to an audience even when a digital projector is not available.

This is possible through a desktop sharing cum presentation tool called "Tiffany Screens" available for Windows, Mac and even Linux.

Assuming that everyone sitting in your workshop or seminar carries a laptop, Tiffany Screens software auto-detects all the computers in the room (connected through Wi-Fi or ethernet cables) and will broadcast the presentation content from the presenter's computer to the the laptop of the participants.

You hit the play button on your screen and the participants press the Watch button. That's it.

Like other desktop sharing software, Tiffany Screens allows users to request the mouse pointer during the presentation and participants can also share their screen content with each other. [Tiffany must be installed on all computers]

The drawback - Tiffany requires a commercial license if you have more than three participants in the meeting. Second, it reduces that eye-to-eye interaction between the presenter and the audience since everyone is glued to their notebooks screens.

Otherwise, a great solution for meeting that have a limited budget (like the BarCamps). | Download Tiffany Screens UG