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The Perfect Video Blogging Camera for Mom

While it doesn't take rocketscience to transfer video from the camcorder and upload it to YouTube, a new video blogging camcorder called "Flip Video" makes the whole workflow much simpler for the not so tech-savvy crowd.

Capture the video with your Flip Video camcorder, plug-in the device to your computer (PC or Mac) via the USB port and it'll upload your video directly to YouTube.

Other than sharing video on the web, carry your Flip Video camera to the nearest photo lab and they'll burn a DVD of you precious moments. The vidcasting camcorder retails at $119.99 for the 30-minute model and $149.99 for the 60-minute model.

Advanced users can also edit video clips, add custom music or extract still photos from video. The camera can also connect to your large TV screen with the included cable. The video quality may not be the best for TV viewing but decent enough for the 320x240 Youtube screen.

Flip Video - Blogging Camcorder [Thanks Jacque]

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