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Outlook 2007 Warnings and Error Messages

Outlook 2007 Slow ? - Download the latest Outlook 2007 patch from Microsoft Download center (KB933493)and you may notice a modest improvement in Outlook performance.

Outlook 2007 is not just slow, it can sometimes be very unpredictable. Look at these error messages that popped up while using the software:

Outlook 2007 Blocks Websites that it "thinks" are dangerous

Someone sent me a link to a webpage hosted on For some reason Outlook 2007 thought the destination URL contained in the email message may be unsafe and showed a warning box when I tried visiting the website.
Hyperlinks can be harmful to your computer and data. Click hyperlinks from trusted sources. Do you want to continue ?
Now even if you click "Yes", Outlook won't let you open that untrusted webpage and shows another message saying "Access Denied". You have to manually copy-paste the URL in the browser to access that webpage.

Outlook 2007 Recognizes an Official Addin as Dangerous

While reading emails inside Outlook 2007, suddenly a security notice pops-up saying "Microsoft Office Outlook has identified a potential security concern. The application addin outlvba.dll has been disabled. Addins might contain viruses and other security hazards."

Now this is extremely funny because the add-in which seems to pose a threat is actually an official Microsoft VBA for Outlook Addin. See the publisher details in the screenshot.