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Monetize Blogs With Indian Audience using is an online TV channel producing original video content that's primarily focused on entertainment, social issues, humor and Indian cinema.

Anyone can watch these videos on for free by either visiting their website or through the video player that's now embedded in few hundred websites and blogs. [check out a real example on Nandita's blog - extreme bottom]

The videos and documentaries available on are generally crisp (around four minutes is the average size), creative and always entertaining. Each video has pre-roll as well as post-roll video advertising of around 10 to 30 seconds each.

Nautanki Video Player has adopted a very unique revenue model that makes it a very attractive option for content producers as well as bloggers or web publishers. shares advertising revenue with the film suppliers and also the website owners who embed the Flash video player on their websites.

Bloggers are paid, on a Pay-per-view basis, around 15% of the advertising revenue that charges it's advertisers (which is generally in excess of INR 5 per view). Since each video played inside the Nautanki player has two ads (pre and post-roll), you effectively generate twice the ad revenue from a single view.

This 400x350 widget can also be good source of revenue for regional language blogs (like in Hindi, Tamil, etc) where contextual advertising programs like Adsense do not perform so well.

The video quality at is much better than what we see on other video sharing sites like Youtube or Google video. Co-founder Sunil Nair expects to roll out a more "intelligent" advertising platform in the next three months that will deliver video ads based on site's content and will have more detailed reporting for ad publishers.

Overall, has an impressive system in place with immense potential in terms of revenue and audience, but they do need to work on the speed at which video is distributed on partner sites. | Bloggers Apply Here | Corporate Blog