Microsoft Spends $6 Billion, Anyone Interested in the News ?

Microsoft has acquired an online advertising firm called aQuantive for about $6 billion. That's about 4x the Google-Youtube deal and 2x the Google-DoubleClick deal.

With this acquisition, Microsoft plans to create an online advertising platform for it's own properties like MSN, Windows Live, Xbox Live, and Office Live, as well as for third party publishers..

The very surprising part is that this story is not on Techmeme yet. This latest screen capture of Techmeme homepage shows that iPhone rumor is still the top story in the blogosphere.

Either the news about Microsoft acquiring aQuantive hasn't spread yet or announcements from Redmond don't excite people (read bloggers) enough.

Microsoft on Techmeme
Techmeme sported a very different look when Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 Billion.