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Making Money with Google Ads in India

Google Adsense ClicksSometime back, there was a report saying that India has a large but secret army of college graduates and "work at home" housewives who are clicking Pay-Per-Click ads on the Internet (e.g. Google AdSense) to make few hundred dollars per month.

In all these years, Google may have vastly improved their click fraud detection mechanisms and the problem of invalid clicks may not be so grave as before, the perception that one can easily hire cheap AdSense labor in India continues to exist.

When Google Ads publisher Mark Percival received his first AdSense cheque from Google, here's what he wrote:
Well I've officially made money from Google. And all without paying guys in India to click on my links.

Now I just need to move to a country where its possible to live on $100 a month. Rural china maybe?
Similar concerns were raised when Google announced their AdSense support team based in Hyderabad, India.
Is this new team going to help them [AdSense spammers] create more SE spam? Can they help create better SERPs by educating and stopping - at least these Indian AdSense publishers from doing it the wrong way?
Would you agree with the observations of these people ? Do these Ad clicking jobs really exist ? If not, can something be done to change the general perception.

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