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How Makes Money By Sending Visitors Away

Fark Homepage founder Drew Curtis is just 34 years old and runs one of the most popular news aggregator sites linking to odd and weird stories. Currently, his site averages around 1.5 million hits a day.

Most of the content on is submitted by its loyal readers. And like the Drudge Report, only links to external news stories, jokes, pictures or videos - they do not host anything on their servers except reader comments and images from the Photoshop contests.

Fark makes money through classifieds or text ads that run on the Fark homepage sidebar at $40 a week. Five random ads are displayed at a time and they change every five minutes.

If the linking site is related to Porn or NSFW content, the price becomes $200 per week since adult links normally invite much higher click-throughs. makes around $40,000 per year just from these rotating text ads and then they also get direct sponsors.

Drew Curtis was recently on NPR (National Public Radio) where spoke at length about his baby, expenses that go in maintaining the site and how he plans to spread awareness among big advertisers through his upcoming book - It's Not News, It's Fark: How Mass Media Tries to Pass Off Crap as News.

Inspiring stuff.

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