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Help Google Improve Adsense, Get an Apple iPod in Return

Google Adsense ipod giftGoogle is inviting Adsense publishers to participate in a "Adsense Satisfaction survey" and offering them a chance to win an 80 GB video iPod in return. Four Adsense users per billing country will be randomly selected on 15 June 2007.

Other than the attractive prize, this Adsense Satisfaction survey offers an insight into the upcoming features and the future direction of Adsense program.

Google is trying to find what percentage of your online advertising revenue is coming from Adsense, what other ad networds are you a part of and what kind of page-views does your site receive every month.

Here are a couple of questions from the Adense survey that are particularly interesting:

How interested would you be in the following capabilities if they were offered within Google AdSense?

Managing other publishers' AdSense accounts for them
Paying for phone support
Selecting the types of advertisers that appear on your site
Applying AdSense earnings towards AdWords marketing
Specifying your own ad formats and sizes
Gathering information about your visitors
Selecting ad categories to appear on your site

Site targeting is a feature that enables AdWords advertisers to list specific sites on which they would like to advertise. Which (if any) of the following new features would most increase your satisfaction with site targeting? Being able to:

Give advertisers more information about your site
Allow advertisers to see how their ads perform specifically on your site
Choose which advertisers can appear on your site
Offer your website inventory at a more granular level than domain
Set a minimum CPM for ads on your site

Of your ONLINE ADVERTISING revenue, what percentage comes from each of the following sources? Your answers should sum to 100%.
% from AdSense
% from Other contextual/text ads
% from Banners/Pop-ups/rich media
% from Site sponsorships
% from Referral/affiliate programmes
% from Other (please specify)

The email came from the Global Customer Insights Team at the Google Ireland office. If may be reaching your inbox shortly. [Photo: Shimon]