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Google Should Leave BlogAds, Adify and TribalFusion Alone

What is your first reaction when you learn about Google acquiring some company ? If it's an advertising network like DoubleClick or more recent, Feedburner, I get worried.

It is fairly easy to guess that, going forward, Google will bring all these advertising programs under the common umbrella of Adsense / Adwords. With Feedburner on their side, Google may soon expand their Adsense for RSS Feeds program.

With every Google acquisition, the choice of blog advertising networks for bloggers reduces by one. And if Google maintains their current acquisition spree, we may see a situation where we have no choices and all the eggs will lay in one basket (called Google).

And that makes me slightly uncomfortable.

While Adsense is a successful program, you still need to diversify the revenue streams - depending only on one player sounds bit of a risk even if that player is Google.

What advertising choices would be left for small website publishers, other than Adsense, if Google expresses interest in other popular blog advertising networks like Adify, BlogAds or Tribalfusion ?

Feedburner Advertising Network was a good source of revenue but that option will soon disappear as it merges with Adsense.

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