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Free Push Email for Mobile Phone Users in India

Mobile Phone subscribers in India need not envy the Blackberry crowd any more as they can now convert their regular cell phones or smartphones into a Blackberry like push mail devices for free.

Mobile Phone Push Mail
Consilient (former partner of RIM) today entered the Indian market with their free push e-mail service that will bring your GMail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail or any other POP3 / IMAP mail right on the cell phone screen. Consilient Push Mail also supports most file attachments including PDF, ZIP, Excel and Word.

Free Push Mail IndiaYou supply your mobile phone number on the Consilient website, they'll send you a confirmation SMS with a link to download a small application from your mobile phone browser. That's it.

Consilient Push Mail can be used on any data network including Airtel, Reliance, BSNL, Hutchison, IDEA and Tata Mobile. (Or through Wi-Fi hotspots)

What's the catch - Consilient is supported by advertising and at the time of signing up, it's mandatory for you to pick upto 5 areas of interests. Ads will be embedded within the Consilient application, and will not be delivered to the inbox.

Are your email passwords safe ? - Consilient says that no emails or passwords are stored on the Consilient Push server. Push | Supported Mobile Phones