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Find Bargain Deals on eBay That Are Ending Soon

If you are looking for some cheap deals on eBay that are about to expire, LastMinute auctions website may assist you in the hunt.

Like your nearest Dollar store, LastMinute auction searches for deals or offers on eBay that are priced at less than $1 (minus Shipping and Handling) and are ending in an hour's time.

As soon as they find an item on ebay that meets the criteria (less than 1 dollar, less than 1 hour), it is listed on LastMinutes website.

Last Minute Auction
These less than a buck eBay auctions are arranged in categories (like books, DVDs, Stamps). Other details like number of current bids, shipping charges and auction remaining time are also displayed along with the item description.

LastMinute [via Spluch]

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The Best Time for eBay Shopping: Most auctions end between noon and 8pm, eastern standard time, because that's usually when people post them. In the wee hours of the morning, there are fewer available, but these are often some of the best!