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Create a Live SlideShow of Websites with TrailFire helps you annotate (via virtual post-it notes) and share multiple webpages with other users in one go. For instance, you can create a trail of your favorite news websites (like, etc) and invite friends to follow your trail on their own computer screens.

People can add ratings, extend the trail by adding more sites or even leave comments on your annotations.

Other than the social angle, TrailFire also presents an alternate way to surf the internet where the browser consumes less memory because you scroll webpages in one window.

A lot of us dump our favorite websites in Firefox Bookmark Folders or set them as homepages and the first thing we do in the morning is load all these bookmarks in multiple tabs.

That may not be a bad approach but if you religiously check more that ten websites every morning, image the CPU usage of Firefox when so many extra tabs open up in one browser window.

TrailFire could solve that problem in an elegant way - Create a trail of your favorite or must-vist websites and then browse them inside one browser tab via the navigation arrows of TrailFire.

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