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Aodhan Cullen - The Google PageRank 10 Guy

Aodhan Cullen
Can you recognize the person wearing the red tie in the picture above ?

His name is Aodhan Cullen, is only 24 years old and runs a hugely popular web stats service called

Based in Ireland, Aodhan Cullen founded when he was just 16 years old.

Today his service is used by around 1.3 million webmasters and bloggers to track over 9 billion pageviews or hits a month.

Due to the widespread usage of Statcounter, the site enjoys that perfect but elusive Google PageRank - 10 putting it in the august company of sites like Google, Apple, Adobe, MIT, etc. Even is at PR 9.

Google Page Rank 10 is the only Google PageRank 10 website that actually accepts Text Link ads and also Google Ads. While the amount that Statcounter charges for a Text link ad on their PR 10 page is not known, they are very selective in choosing advertisers. If you thought of running ads of a pharmacy store, no point approaching them.

Though Aodham maintains a low profile, he does have a good following - his first blog post attracted over 900 comments and was digged over 900 times.