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Adobe Visual Communicator 3 - Download up on Adobe Labs

Adobe Visual Communicator 3 is a video presentation software for creating video podcasts, training videos or even corporate presentations.

The software is not a video editor like Adobe Premiere but can help you create professional looking video presentations in minutes that look like television quality broadcasts (provided you have a decent webcam or camcorder and sufficient lights).

Place the supplied green screen behind you (it supports chroma keying), look at the teleprompter and start narrating. Adobe Visual Communicator can output video as Flash video (FLV), Windows Media, or Real player format.

Adobe Visual Communicator 3
But there is some good and bad news. The good news is that Adobe has posted the next interation of Visual Communicator 2.5 on Adobe Labs that anyone can download for free.

And the bad news is that this Visual Communicator 3 installer runs over 2 GB so most users cannot try it even if the software is free during the beta period.

Adobe Visual Communicator 3 will be shipping in the summer of 2007. Till then, you can download on Adobe Labs for free provided you are on good internet connection.

More details on Adobe Labs and

Wish Adobe had stripped the VC3 installer of all extra music clips, images and video to reduce the file size so that more prospective video podcasters would have explored the software.

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