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Youtube Accelerator Loads YouTube Videos A Lot Faster

Youtube video bufferSpeedbit Video Accelerator is an tiny piece of software that will help improve your experience with Youtube - the videos will stream smoothly and play faster than ever before.

Why ? Just like a download manager makes several connections to a file to speed up the file download process, SpeedBit applies the same principle to Youtube.

When you are watching a video on Youtube, Speedbit will open multiple connections to the video file hosted on Youtube servers and will download the video parts simultaneously so you are less likely to suffer those video buffering issues.

As soon as you hit the play button on Youtube video player, SpeedBit will detect this and automatically activate the video acceleration process. Once the complete Youtube video is available in the local cache, SpeedBit hides itself.

SpeedBit is a product from the same company that develops the popular Download Accelerator Plus - now they are planning to include support for Google Video, MetaCafe and other video sharing sites.

A recommended tool for Youtube fans especially who are on dialup and slow internet connections. No reason for you to miss those viral videos ?

SpeedBit Video Accelerator | How SpeedBit Works

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