Word of the Day: Wilfing - What Was I Looking For?

You were checking your personal emails at office, then saw a funny video on Youtube, then reached an interesting blog from the Youtube comments, subscribed to that blog, then discovered some unread items in your newsreader, then decided to save some of those posts to your delicious bookmarks, then saw a new Firefox extension to manage your email.... and the loop continues.

That's the never ending world of internet. Now a report says that two out of three Internet users in UK lose significant portions of their time to irrelevant web browsing.

They have coined a new term - "wilfing," short for "What Was I Looking For?" and the workers who spend hours in aimless browsing are called Wilfers.

And Men are found to be bigger wilfers than woman.

It may take lot of will power to quit this habit of wilfing. According to BBC, hardcore Wilfers are offered drug therapy, acupuncture and mild electric shock treatment in China.

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Source: Reuters Story [via David Ewalt]