Windows Vista Sales in China Make History

Windows Vista Ultimate Pirated DVD
The demand for naked computers in China is likely to remain high.

Microsoft sold more than 20 million legal copies of Windows Vista globally in just one month since the high-profile launch of Vista OS.

Compare that with China where just 244 licenses of Windows Vista were sold in the first two weeks through legal channels. The number was quoted by Windows Vista chief distributor in Bejing.

No, Chinese users aren't against Windows Vista, it's just that they prefer to save some money and buy pirated or fake Vista DVDs from the street vendors for $1.

That raises an important question - Should Microsoft continue to develop the Chinese versions of Vista, Office and other software ? Probably the bulk purchases by Government offices and corporates offsets the loses incurred through piracy.

Don't be surprised if Adobe Creative Suite CS3 Master Collection DVD also gets available on Chinese streets for the same price ($1).