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Who Are You ? Who Am I ? Ask Pipl

Do not Google your next date. Try Pipl search instead - big surprises there!

Contrary to the name, Pipl is not a place to search for people, it's all about finding facts about a person on the internet. And Pipl is amazingly accurate.

Type in the person's name (or even your name) and will extract every bit of information about that person from the web in seconds. In most cases, you will also get the contact details (postal address or even email address) of the person.

Here's the short bio of Michael Arrington (TechCrunch) according to Pipl:

Michael Arrington
Other than one line bios and contact details, Pipl also shows related profile summaries (from Flickr, Amazon, Yahoo! People, etc), research publications, web search results and recent news stories related to that person.

Do not confuse Pipl with Googlism - Pipl is all about relevant and meaningful information while Googlism is more for fun and satire. - People Search that really works. [egosurfing]