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Website Downtime Figures Could Be Much Higher

Royal Pingdom recently released a report detailing the downtime or server outage experienced by the twenty most popular websites in the United States.

According to Royal Pingdom, Yahoo! website never went down in 2007 but Youtube and Blogger, both Google properties, were unavailable for atleast four hours during the same period.
 1     0m
2 7m
6 4h 44m
12 4h 47m
16 22m
19 30m
Would you agree with the website downtime numbers published in the Pingdom report ?

For instance, their GMail downtime log says that has been up 100% of the time since September 2006. Anyone using GMail may have a hard time digesting those figures.

Then take the case of - Blogger unavailable for just 4 hours in the past 3 months ?

Check the official Blogger Status page or this post on Techcrunch - both suggest that the downtime expected by Blogger was much higher than the number suggested by Pingdom.

The report is a good indicator of how these popular website fair in comparison to each other but the exact downtime numbers could be on the higher side.

But it does clearly hint that Google needs a better infrastructure for their non-search services like GMail, Orkut and Youtube, all of them command a massive user base.