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Unsubscribe to FeedBurner Email via Postal Mail

The good folks at Feedburner never cease to impress us. Here's an interesting Feedburner feature:

If you are subscribed to some blog through FeedBurner Email, you can post a letter via snail mail to Feedburner office in Chicago and they'll unsubscribe you from that blog newsletter.

Feedburner Email
Know the Feedburner Subscriber Count of any blog

Shripriya made this cute discovery inside the footer of her Feedburner email that goes out to her blog readers. It reads:

Email Delivery powered by FeedBurner

You are subscribed to email updates from [Blog Name]. To stop receiving these emails, you may unsubscribe now [web link].

If you prefer to unsubscribe via postal mail, write to: [Blog Name], c/o FeedBurner, 549 W Randolph, Chicago IL USA 60661

Not sure if anyone would ever use postal mail to unsubscribe from email newsletters but Feedburner does offer readers an incentive - post them a self-addressed stamped envelope and they'll send back FeedBurner stickers and buttons to you.

Q (for Feedburner): Do we post multiple letters for you to unsubscribe us from multiple blogs in one go ?

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