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Twitter Addicts Can Read Blogs as Tweets via FeedBlitz

FeedBlitz, the popular RSS to email Newsletter service, today launched a new extension that enables Twitter users to subscribe to blogs and read the new entries as tweets on their cell phones or instant messages via Google Talk.

Twitter FeedBlitz
Due to the 140 character limit of Twitter, FeedBlitz will truncate the blog post and convert the story link into a URL. And if subscribers visit your blog via these tweets, their clicks will also be tracked and reported by FeedBlitz.

Twitter syndication from FeedBlitz will also post entries from your subscriptions to your Twitter public timeline as "tweets".

The downside - you can subscribe to only those blogs in Twitter that are using the premium version of FeedBlitz. You may experience the new FeedBlitz Twitter service by subscribing to the blog of Fred Wilson with your Twitter account.

And if your favorite blogger is not a FeedBlitz premium customer, you can still read his blog through SMS text alerts or IM messages using Zaptxt.