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Twango - An Excellent File Hosting Service Inspired by YouTube

Twango is a free file hosting website where you can upload and share Microsoft Office documents, Flash Videos, PDFs, pictures, audio mp3 files, video clips and even ZIPs. Files, as large as 100 MB, can be uploaded to Twango via the web browser or as email attachments.

Why another file hosting service when we already have established players like Rapidshare, YouSendit, YouTube, Scribd or Flickr ? First, Twango lets you upload, manage your documents and media files from one central location. And it makes it extremely easy for your audience to view, embed or subscribe to your content.

Free File Sharing with Twango
If you have ever been to YouTube, you'll have no problems getting familiar with Twango - it sports a familiar look-n-feel and employs the same concepts for tags, channels and comments. The difference - while Youtube is just for videos, Twango handles everything from music to PDFs to images in a YouTube-like interface.

[Am still wondering why Twango has not become popular with podcasters yet ?]

Like YouTube or Flickr, the content uploaded on Twango can easily be embedded inside blogs, discussion boards, MySpace, Craigslist or eBay auctions. You can also share pictures uploaded on Twango with mobile phone users via SMS text messages that will be delivered by Twango itself.

The cons: Twango provides tons of options to upload stuff online but there are no simple options to download media files from Twango to your hard drive. And though it promises unlimited storage and bandwidth, you are limited to 250MB of data upload per month.

Nevertheless, Twango is like a breath of fresh air and provides one common platform for sharing virtually all file formats. Whether it's music, videos, images or documents - just do the "twango".

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