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Track Visitors on Your MySpace or Flickr Profile

Track Myspace profile visitors free
Who's viewing your MySpace profile page ? How many people have checked your Flickr or Yahoo! 360° page ? Where are these MySpace visitors coming from ? These are some very common questions among users.

While there are stats companies like SiteMeter or Statcounter to track visitors on websites, their solutions cannot be used for snooping MySpace or Flickr visitors as these social sites do not permit javascript codes.

Here's a workaround - use MyBlogLog which is owned by Yahoo!

MyBlogLog now has an easy HTML-only solution to track your MySpace profile visitors for free. It will also help you track Flickr, or Yahoo! 360 users.

Create a new community on MyBlogLog (if you don't have one already) and open the Get Widgets link in your MBL community. There you'll see a link that says "Have a Wordpress, Flickr, Yahoo! 360, or Myspace Blog?"

Click that link and copy-paste the HTML tracking code in your profile page. If a MyBlogLog visitors comes to your Myspace or Flickr profile page, his avatar will show up else it will just register a hit in MyBlogLog stats. Simple but useful.