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Site Overlay in Google Analytics - Learn How Visitors Navigate Your Website

Site Overlay is a little known but immensely feature in Google Analytics that helps bloggers and website owners understand how visitors interact and navigate their website.

Site Overlay adds small progress bars near the navigation links on your webpages - the longer the blue progress bar, the popular the link. And you can click individual progress bars to learn exactly how many times a link was clicked during the selected time range.

You can access the Site Overlay feature from the Google Analytics Dashboard on the right sidebar.

Google Analytics Site Overlay
This is quite similar to the Top Links widget of MyBlogLog that shows the most popular outgoing links on a website.

The difference is that Site Overlay can even track popular links on individual webpages of a website. However, the popular links data will only be available for content that's located on the same website.

Site Overlay can be very handy in tracking the popular exit areas of your website - those are the places to showcase your popular posts and other important content that will convince the casual visitor to subscribe to your feed.