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Replace Office 2007 Ribbon Interface with Office 2003 Style Classic Menus and Toolbar

Switch to Classic Menus in Microsoft Office 2007
The classic menus and toolbar commands that have adorned every single version of Microsoft Office prior to Office 2007 have now been replaced with a less-familiar but all-new Ribbon interface.

No doubt, Ribbon is a much better and less-cluttered representation of Office commands but it does involve a small learning curve.

Microsoft doesn't offer Office 2007 users a native way to switch to the old Office 2003 style interface but some third-party developers like AddinTools and ToolbarToggle have created add-ons that mimic the legacy Office 2003 menubar in version 2007. [via private MVP forums]

While AddinTool will replace the Ribbon with standard toolbars, ToolbarToggle allows you to work with Ribbon and old toolbars side-by-side. These inexpensive Office 2007 add-ons are available for Word, Excel and Powerpoint 2007. Free trial available.

Our suggestion is that you download the free Office 2007 guides from Microsoft website that integrate with your Office programs and help you get familiar with the Ribbon vis-a-vis Office 2003 toolbar. Watch a live demo.

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