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Remote Control an Apple Mac from a Windows PC and vice-versa

Free Screen sharing software Mac Windows
Want to use your Mac from a PC or vice-versa ? Get Yuuguu.

Yuuguu is a free computer screen sharing software cum IM client that's available both on Mac and the Windows platform.

Wondering why another screen sharing app when we already have Microsoft Tahiti or the popular Crossloop ? The answer is simple - Yuuguu is a cross-platform product meaning the participants may be on Mac or Windows computers but they can still share screens and chat together.

[CrossLoop and Tahiti are currently available only for Windows PC's]

The Yuuguu screen sharing client interface resembles Google Talk - you add friends, invite them to your desktop or vice-versa and can even IM them during the screen-sharing session.

The whole process is very non-geeky and you need not make any adjustments to your Firewall or unblock any ports.

What's missing - No annotation tools or cursor highlights. And it is not possible to share a specific application, you'll have to share your entire desktop with all the running applications.

Yuuguu Homepage | Download Yuuguu [Thanks Jane]