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Recharge Your iPod Without the Computer using USB iPod Chargers

ipod recharge batteryYou've just checked into an hotel but there aren't any computers inside the room to charge your iPod battery. Or sometimes it's just too much a hassle firing up your laptop just to recharge that iPod.

No worries, you can still recharge the built-in iPod battery without connecting to a computer. Here are some good options to charge iPods sans the computer:

1. Apple iPod USB Power Adapter - This USB based iPod recharger from Apple itself costs $29. Simply plug the AC power adapter into a any electric socket and connect the other end to your iPod for recharging.

2. Sonnet iPod USB Power Adapter - This iPod charger is much like the Apple product but considerably cheaper ($20). Just plug the power adapter into an electrical outlet, and then connect the included USB cable between it and your iPod.

3. ion iPod Charger - Ion USB based iPod charger has just launched in India and it can recharge your iPod battery or for that matter, any MP3 player and mobile phone that charges through USB with-in 500mA.

ipod charger indiaUnlike Apple or Sonnet which follow the US / European power standards, ion is built according to the power specifications of India.

Ion developers claim that their iPod charger can also protect your MP3 device from power surges or voltage fluctuations (which are so common in India). The cost of this all-in-one USB charger is around $9. Will be interesting one to watch. [via]

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Other options for charging your dead iPod include staying in Marriott hotels or travel in iPod-ready airlines.