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POP3, Auto Forward for Hotmail and Windows Live Mail

Read Hotmail in Yahoo or GMailDo you want to download Hotmail emails or Windows Live Mail messages to Outlook or Thunderbird ? Or looking for workarounds to forward incoming Hotmail messages to Yahoo! or GMail account ?

It's now possible to move your Hotmail to other places via GetMail for Hotmail, a free tool that installs as a Windows service. It will forward your Hotmail emails to any other email address of your choice.

To read Hotmail in BlackBerry or Outlook Express, first forward the emails to some GMail account using Getmail. Now configure the GMail POP3 feature and read these forwarded emails in any client that supports POP access.

Even if you don't intend to read Hotmail inside GMail or Yahoo! Mail, GetMail can be used to make backup copies of your existing Hotmail email messages.

Like other POP3 clients, you can instruct GetMail to delete Hotmail emails after forwarding or just mark the forwarded messages as read or leave them untouched.

And when used in conjunction with FreePOPS, GetMail for Hotmail can be used to forward mails from most web-based email programs including AOL, Yahoo and Windows Live Mail accounts.

GetMail for Hotmail | Download FreePOPS [Thanks, Matteo]