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Now That You Know Podcasting.. What is LifeCasting ?

Justin Kan of
A simple definition of LifeCasting is broadcasting each and every moment of your life on the internet.

A guy called Justin Kan has been video blogging nonstop, 24/7 through a web camera and microphone attached to his cap.

Everything he does, including his bathroom trips or while he's sleeping, streams live on his personal website - And he has been "broadcasting life" for the past two weeks without a break.

Unlike video chats where you can actually see the person infront of the webcam, Justin is mostly behind the scenes since he's wearing the camera on his head.

The 24/7 live streaming video from camera is also available for embedding in other websites. At the time of writing this post, Justin was trying to sync his mobile phone with the laptop.

Watch camera in your free time - can be boring but still worth a dekho.

Justin TV [Picture: Scott, via Yahoo!]

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