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Keep Your Device Drivers and Software Up to Date

Yesterday, we covered a free tool that will detect and remove all useless pieces of factory-installed software from your brand new OEM PC.

Now there's another problem - some of the software and hardware drivers on your computer may be obsolete and it's therefore essential that you update the PC with the latest device drivers and software versions.

To update, you can either visit each of the software vendor's website, search for updates and download them. Works perfect but imagine how much time you'll waste when there are dozens of software and hardware components (like printer, sound card, motherboard, graphics card, monitor, keyboard, etc).

An easy alternative is RadarSync, a 300kb freeware, that scans your computer and prepares a report (in minutes) of all software and device drivers that are out of date and have new updates available on the vendor's website. That will help you save lot of effort.

While the premium version of RadarSync will provide you the direct download links, techies wanting to save some bucks can Google the software versions mentioned in the RadarSync report and download the necessary stuff themselves.

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