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How to Remember Names of People You Meet in Parties or Work Meetings

Some of us are really bad when it comes remembering names of people we come across at work or social gatherings and this inability to recall someone's name may put us in really embarrassing situations.

Here's some great help from Videojug - they have created an entertaining but informative video to assist you remember names of new acquaintances without going overboard.

Ask someone else - If you want to address someone but your memory fails you, discreetly ask a mutual friend their name. You needn't be embarrassed - far better to do this than to call them "Oi".

Association - Anchor their name to a particular feature. In your mind, a simple "Tom" might become "Tom with the eyebrows"; "Tom wearing blue"; or "Tom with the crazy hair". Next time you see them, that feature will remind you of their name.

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