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The First Thing You Should Do When You Buy a New PC

Bought a new desktop or laptop from Dell, HP, Lenovo or any other popular vendor ?

Thanks to OEM partnerships, chances are that your brand new computer is pre-loaded with tons of trial software, web shortcuts to useless offers (like Free Wi-Fi) and other bloatware that you'll never ever use in future.

remove pre-installed software programs
While it is not easy for an average user to reformat that hard-drive and do a fresh install of the Windows Vista / XP OS, a nice and effective alternative is PC Decrapifier - this tiny utility will clean your new OEM PC and delete all the unwanted software in one go.

PC Decrapifier can can automatically detect and uninstall software / offers from Google, AOL, Norton, Sonic, Vonage, Roxio, Norton, Yahoo and other software / web companies.

You computer won't just look clean, it will run much faster and you'll have reclaim extra space on your hard-drive to save more interesting things.

Get the PC Decrapifier [via WSJ vidcast]

Though the DeCrapifier makes life a bit simple, it's still a very disappointing fact that one has to spring-clean even a brand new computer.