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FeedBurner Introduces Adwords Like Negative Keywords Filter

Feedburner Advertising EngingFeedburner today introduced a new Adwords like feature in their FeedBurner Advertiser Network (FAN) program that will allow advertisers to suppress display of ads on blogs and RSS feeds that contain "pre-defined" keywords.

This comes exactly a day after the Scansafe report which stated that 80% of blogs contain "offensive" content including porn, offensive language and hate posting.

Google Adsense automatically serves non-paying Public Service Ads on pages that contain stop words (see figure) and it also gives Adwords advertisers an option to define their own negative keywords or URLs where the ads should be hidden.

Google Adsense PSA ads

The process is similar in FeedBurner - advertisers simply submit their custom list of negative keywords for each of their campaigns. The FeedBurner ad server will then suppress ads when those keywords appear in the feed or blog post.

Not just foul or offensive language, Feedburner's AdClimate will help advertisers serve ads in places where they'll be more effective. For instance, a Windows software developer may chose "Macintosh" or "Linux" as stop words since it makes little sense for him to display ads on a blog post related to Linux or Mac.