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Draw Graffiti on Street Walls with Spray Paint and Brushes

Graffiti Painting Wall
"WetPaint Please Touch" is like an online graffiti painting wall where you can draw to your heart's content.

You get a blank wall, bucket of paint, rollers, brushes and cans of spray-paint. Or you may add colored stencil text to the wall or paste images on the wall just like posters. [Make sure the speakers are turned on]

As you paint your wall, you will notice the paint level drop in the silver bucket on the left. Once you run out of paint, you have to send your painting along to the next person or declare it finished.

Your "graffiti masterpieces" are preserved and added to the public gallery or you can share them with friends via email. The graffiti paintings are also available for download as JPEG images.

A fun tool to play with if you have some spare time. Go, make a mess out of it without worrying of getting caught.

Wetpaint Please Touch - Graffiti Canvas Wall

Painting Tools: ArtRage, Picassohead, Visual Acoustics, Police Sketches