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Desktop RSS News Readers for Linux

RSS Readers for LinuxVenkatramanan is planning to make a move from Windows to Ubuntu Linux and is looking for a desktop based feed reader for the Linux Platform.
I need a desktop (not web-based like Bloglines or Google Reader) and non-mail newsreader (no ThunderBird).

Can you please suggest me a good selection of desktop based RSS reader for Linux to choose from.
Venky, you may consider the following newsreaders:

1. Sage - If you're on Firefox, get the Sage RSS reader extension that turns your browser into a powerful newsreader. Sage can display feeds in a variety of styles. Tomorrow, if you switch to a Windows machine, Sage will still look the same.

2. Opera 9.1 - You can use the Opera Linux browser an a RSS newsfeed reader - the Feed reader will open as as a separate tab inside Opera browser. Unlike Thunderbird, you need not run the Opera Mail client to reader newsfeeds in Opera browser.

3. RSS Owl 2.0 - A standalone RSS reader that's written in Java and therefore available for all platforms including Unix. RSSOwl has some very unique features like the ability to export RSS feed items to PDF documents and synchronizing your blogrolls with Bloglines.

And if you are a FeedDemon or Microsoft Outlook fan, you'll probably love the 2-column and 3-column layouts available in RSS Owl. The software commands a huge fan following.