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The Best Video Tutorial Websites - Watch and Learn Almost Anything

Ever wondered how to use chopsticks ? Or how to change your car battery ? Or apply mascara ? Or how to seduce your boss ?

You can find video answers to almost anything you can think of in the following websites:

Videojug video tutorials [Life Explained on Film] - The largest online collection of "How-To" video tips and demonstrations on topics as varied as cooking Indian food, home improvement tips, folding t-shirts, impressing your boss or how to kiss someone passionately.

You can download VideoJug video guides to your iPod, embed them in webpages or if you're on a slow connection, just read the text transcripts. You will be a more practical person after spending some time on VideoJug - 100% useful stuff.

Sutree Video Library [Watch and Learn] - Sutree is an online aggregator of video tutorials, how-to's and lessons neatly arranged in various categories.

SuTree has over 5000 instructional video clips in their database and growing on topics like parenting, software tutorials, electronics, school courses, pet grooming, etc. It's a good starting place to discover the best video tutorials available on different websites at one point.

5min Video Manuals [Life Videopedia] - 5min is like a mix of Youtube and VideoJug. Video topics range from Fitness tips to Spiritual stuff to Sports including wave surfing or skiing in the snow.

There are video tutorial for computer newbies on topics like how to search Google or how to update the iPod. A promising site that may offer some good competition to Videojug if they can manage to have more professionally created instructional videos. Video Guides - This New York Times property has an extensive collection of how-to videos on Computing, Parenting, Health and Automobiles produced by the guides. has probably more technology and software oriented video tutorials in the form of screencasts than any other site above though their site design could have been much better. Transcripts included.

Bonus Tip - You can find some great video tutorial and screencasts on websites like Youtube, Google Video or Metacafe - just search for tags like screencasts, diy, how-to, tutorials, tips and guides.

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